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Five reasons to shift to sustainable packaging

Article by Megan Gee
sustainable packaging

Shipping and packaging materials are vital to so many different businesses. Equally vital is the environment that makes production of these materials possible.

Often it seems the way we extract resources assumes that there will always be an infinite supply. That just isn’t the case. Our understanding of the need for environmental sustainability continues to grow.

For many businesses, ecological piety doesn’t seem like reason enough to make the choice to go green. What is the bottom line case? What kind of efficiencies does it offer? How do we make the case for greener packaging and shipping materials? Here are five reasons why green packaging is the best option for your business.

1. Lighten the load

In the vast majority of cases, the more sustainable your packing material, the lighter it will be. Cardboard is lighter than plastics. Fibres weigh less than metals. Lightening the load will lower your overall shipping costs and save your business a substantive sum.

2. Slimming for savings

The physical size of the packing materials is also a major component of courier costs. Getting sustainable by shrinking down your box sizes will result in lower shipping costs across the board. Shrinking down your packages isn’t just environmentally sustainable. It’s economically sustainable too.

3. Real-world recognition

Packing materials are an important place to share your branding, and so the associations that you generate in that moment count for a great deal. Clearly connecting your brand with a positive social movement, like environmentalism, can make a powerful point about your business’s identity and aims. As is often the case, actions speak louder than words.

4. Online options

By making the green shift part of your branding, you gain an opportunity to generate content around it as part of your online presence. Highlighting your commitment to a greener world while online opens many different doors to discussions and audiences that you may not have previously considered. Not only can you market yourself through this, but you may discover new and innovative green approaches to your business operations that could save you money as well as trees.

5. Ahead of the curve

Many different governments and economic trading blocs are looking to bring in regulations to limit and curtail the amount of non-renewable materials present in packaging and shipping materials. By choosing to move to a more sustainable model of packaging materials now, you make it much easier for you and your business when mandatory regulations arrive.

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