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Automation Providers vs Robotic Resellers – How customisable are your robots?

Article by Megan Gee
customisable robots

Chose the correct industry 4.0 business partner by asking them “how customisable are the robots”?

When you’re automating your warehouse, you need complete confidence in the people your working with. While industry 4.0 might have arrived, it is still relatively new. Sometimes it can seem hard to sense of whether the businesses you are working with are all bluster and no bolts. To choose the right partner, you need to ask the right questions.

So far in this series, we at Wise Robotics have looked at the importance of in-person demonstrations and why the answer to the question “What can your robots do?” should always be more questions.

The third important question gets at an important distinction between robotic resellers and automation providers. The distinction between how much they understand their own product, and how much they will work with you to build the best possible warehouse automation solution.

How customisable are your robots?

This is not just a question for specialists and enthusiasts. This question gets to the heart of the division between robotic resellers and automation providers. The kind of relationship they will have with your business, and the understanding they have of their own technology.

Robotic resellers

The short and most honest answer to this question from a robotic reseller is “not very customisable”.

Robotic resellers are often not specialists in flexible automation in general. They are specialists in their particular robots and the particular solutions and systems they operate.

This means that customisation is often not something they are comfortable with, or confident about. They will know very well the specialisms, strengths, and weaknesses offered by their particular pattern of the product. If what your business needs should happen to fall too far outside that range, or even near the edge, they won’t be able to help you.

Automation providers

A good automation provider will answer this question with a question. Namely, “what kinds of customisations were you thinking of?”

Automation providers have broad-ranging expertise. Their teams will be covering everything from robotic engineering to software development and best business practice. This wider pool of knowledge, coupled with the attitude of this being a service partnership, rather than only a business transaction, means that customisation will be expected.

Automation providers aren’t just selling you robots. They are providing a solution. They will be willing to arrange customised storage, customised software integration, and customised operation design, all to give you the perfect tailored solution.

Customisation is crucial

The company that’s automating your warehouse needs to be a partner, not just a supplier. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to robotics and any company that acts as though there is won’t give you the kind of customised solution you need to make the very best out of industry 4.0.

Is your product the kind that you can move quickly without worry for damage, or do you need a gentle motion that’s still pacey and productive? Do you move standardised pallets, or do you have a particular specialist storage situation you need to work around/with? Do you just want robotics for a specific portion of your operations, or do you want as close to 100% automated warehouse as possible? All these questions and more are the kinds of issues you can work through with an automation provider that’s committed to giving you a custom-built robotics solution.

To learn more about how customisation is crucial in the world of flexible robotics, come and see what it looks like in person. Book a tour of Wise Robotics today, and learn how tailored automation can be the perfect fit for your business.

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