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How do we integrate robots with your WMS and ERP software

Article by Megan Gee


Making the decision to integrate robotics into your operation is an exciting one. Besides their proven benefits and rapid ROI, they’re also just a marvel to behold when gliding through aisles and transporting goods almost 10x times their size.

But integrating your software with robots and other automated hardware really is only half of the story. The aspirations of faster and more efficient warehouse operations are just as much in the software as they are in the physical robots.

How our software integrates with your current warehouse setup

connecting WMS and ERP to API - warehouse automation

Our Automation Hub – the central brain of the operation – integrates seamlessly with nearly every warehouse management software (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system on the market. This integration allows for easy access to all your existing data, which is ultimately what will pass through the Automation Hub and communicate with the robots via the Robot Control System (RCS).

robot control system diagram

Using data interpretation and data mining, the RCS will analyse and predicts the dispatchment of tasks in an efficient and prioritised manner. From here, RCS will feed any number of robot units’ instructions in the most efficient routes possible using a barcode grid system and visual navigation.

That is, the robots will make the most time and cost-effective decisions, every time.

AI-based routing and analysis allow the robots to plan, optimise and improve path planning based on varying environmental factors, without any need for re-keying or planning.

wise robotics warehouse automation diagram

Our Resource Hub is also there for other unique elements you might want to interface with – third-party integration with automation doors, PLC controllers, elevators, and conveyors for example. Using our in-house engineering, automation control and software development teams, Wise Robotics can interface with the most complex of scenarios.

With all your data flowing through our system, our RCS can also report any level of data analysis for you at any time, from tracking order details to robot productivity. And this is all without having to re-train your employees on a new software system.

But what does that look like in a typical everyday operation?

Imagine an order is made on your website for 5 bags. That data will flow through to your WMS or order management system as normal. The integration provided by Wise Robotics will then allow your WMS system to submit that order of 5 bags into our Automation Hub. From here, the system communicates with the RCS, which translates the movement for the robots. The robots are then despatched to retrieve the closest rack containing 5 bags, to deliver them to the relevant picking station.

Using our purpose-built workstation software, your workforce can easily see the order that’s come through, select those 5 bags from the relevant rack, and pack accordingly. When the picker has all they need from the rack – the robot will either return back to its original dock, remain for any further picking, or move on to another workstation.

Your WMS or ERP system is then automatically updated with the status of the order.

It’s as simple as that. Rules are sent to the robots, and data is received back.

automation hub diagram - warehouse automation explained

Discover more about the technology behind Wise Robotics

Without a true understanding of how robotics can integrate with your warehouse, it’s easy to treat robots as separate entities from your existing technology. In reality, robots are simply an additional piece of hardware to further enhance your operation and utilise your data to its full advantage.

If you’re interested to learn more how our software integrates robots into your warehouse operation, get in touch with one of the team today. Not ready to start the conversation? Take a look at some of our success stories.

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