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Wise Robotics joins the AMHSA and the UKWA

Article by Megan Gee

Wise Robotics is proud to have joined two highly prestigious national organisations. We are now members of the Automated Material Handling Systems Association (AMHSA), and an associate member of the United Kingdom Warehouse Association (UKWA).

Who are the AMHSA?

The AMHSA is the premier trade organisation representing the UK’s automation industry. It was founded in 1986, and in 2020 it now counts over 50 members, all of whom are important figures within the UK’s automation sector. Among its many other roles and activities, the AMHSA’s lobbies both the UK government and several other international bodies on a wide variety of issues.

Industry professionals have been full in their praise of ASHMA’s influencing abilities. Mike Vernon, President of the British Material Handling Federation has said: “AMHSA provides members with a voice to help shape and define the European and national standards and legislation that govern the automated material handling industry across Europe.”

Why has Wise Robotics joined the AMHSA?

AMHSA membership is a mark of quality assurance within the automation industry. Due to the discerning membership selection processes of the AMHSA, potential clients can be all the more confident in the services and products provided by Wise Robotics.

AMHSA Membership allows Wise Robotics to be a part of discussions that impact government policy. Our opinions and views will be heard as part of a wider lobbying group. These discussions influence bodies such as the European Committees for Standardisation, the International Standardisation Organisation, and UK Government’s Department for Business, Enterprise, and Regulatory Reform.

AMHSA membership also gives Wise Robotics the chance to contribute to industry-shaping white papers, sector-wide surveys, and other major thought-leading publications.

By joining the AMHSA, Wise Robotics secures a place at the centre of the UK’s automation industry. Lynn Kerfoot, the managing director of Newland Engineering, expressed the AMHSA’s importance in the following terms “AMHSA is the premier trade body for the automated material handling industry… if it is happening in our industry, then AMHSA is involved.”

Who is the UKWA?

The UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation representing logistics firms and warehouse operators. It was founded in 1944 as a committee to discuss the storage and distribution of food and materials in wartime Britain. It now spans over 100 full members, and more than 700 associates.

One of the UKWA’s most important activities is its advocacy of the importance of logistics to the UK economy, gaining the attention of senior politicians. The UKWA’s manifesto covers areas such as skills and labour, land use, customs regimes, and the ongoing ‘Northern Powerhouse’ project. By working closely with HMRC, the UKWA has been instrumental in exploring the impact of the new Customs Declaration Service, and the new Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme.

Why has Wise Robotics joined the UKWA?

Wise Robotics new associate membership of the UKWA connects us to a network of retailers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and technology experts.

The opportunities for cross-sector connectivity offered by the UKWA are well recognised. Graeme Undy, Contract Logistics & Warehousing Managing Director at Stobart Aviation Services, is quoted as saying “UKWA has many avenues of support and knowledge that provide a broader range of networking opportunities. This means members can access industry expert’s organisations for help to overcome obstacles and challenges”

This new associate status is not only a recognition of the exceptional quality of Wise Robotics products and services. It is also an amazing new route for more businesses to discover the true utility of warehouse automation.

To learn for yourself what Wise Robotics has accomplished to reach the standards set by these organisations, come and visit us at our HQ to see our robots in action, or visit our stands at one of the several upcoming events we will be displaying at this year. More information about these will be coming soon.

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