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Automation providers vs Robotic Resellers – What technical support can you offer?

Article by Michael Trimmer

Discover the standard you should expect from your technical support team.

Entering the world of industry 4.0, it is entirely reasonable to expect exemplary engineering, superior software, and really revolutionary robotics. What no one can expect is perfection, hence why there are rubbers on pencils, why your keyboard has a backspace key, and why tech support exists.

With proper preparations for the possibility of things going wrong, not only will downtime be shortened, it could well be prevented. Tech support experts will fix things for the long haul, not just an immediate patch-up job. That is the kind of service you both need and want when moving into a technological area as valuable and potentially complicated as warehouse automation.

When choosing the partner you’ll be working with to supply a superior automation solution, it is vitally important that you ask the question

“What technical support can you offer?”

This question will truly separate the automation providers from the mere robotic resellers. To find out which you’re dealing with, see which of the following your answer looks more like.

Robotic reseller

Robotic resellers primary means of technical support will be annual or six-monthly inspections and reports. These will be scheduled based on when the purchases were made or when the robots were initially delivered. The engineer will most likely perform some overviews of most probable causes of potential concern, write up a report, and provide that to the customer.

In terms of emergency engineers, some robotic resellers may have call-out engineering teams, and a schedule for when they can arrive, based on pre-delineated slots. For ongoing maintenance, most robotic resellers will direct customers to troubleshooting sections of the instruction manual. In the event of breakdowns that require parts, robotic resellers will import the necessary equipment and bring it/sell it to the customer to solve the issue.

Automation providers

By dramatic contrast, automation providers primary means of support is ongoing, customer-centric, and always available.

Automation providers will offer inspections too, but these will be scheduled around the busy/fallow periods your business goes through. No one wants their robots in the workshop for a check-up in the moment when they’re needed most. Automation providers will ask and arrange around your needs accordingly

For emergency response, automation providers will have remote support that can be accessed at all times (why should your technical support be less available than your robots?) and call-out engineer schedules will be arranged around the convenience of customers, not engineers.

In cases where new parts are needed, automation providers will be able to respond extremely quickly. Import delays won’t happen, since automation providers keep a supply of spare parts stocked in the UK. In more serious emergency cases, replacement robots can be deployed on a temporary basis while engineering works are ongoing.

Perhaps the most important support offering arranged by automation providers is the means to be as self-sufficient as possible. Automation providers will offer maintenance training courses to your warehouse staff, meaning smaller scale repair and refurbishment work can be done as and when needed, without having to wait on outside experts. This is the kind of service offered by a provider who understands that they are not just selling robots. They are equipping your business with a solution.

Superlative support

Discover how the kind of support that Wise Robotics provides is truly game-changing. We provide 24/7/52 remote availability, rapid-response site visits, maintenance training courses for your staff, replacement robots on standby, UK stocked spare parts, and regular servicing sorted to your schedule. All this because your business deserves a fully-fledged warehouse automation solution. A system of next-generation efficiency that you can always count on.

Learn more about the kind of technology and support services we offer by visiting our robotic demonstration centre. Discover how industry 4.0 is within your reach, and why you cannot afford to go without.

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