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Reaching a 500% pick rate rise

Article by Megan Gee

When you hear a term like “industry 4.0” it is tempting to think in terms of incremental improvements. Each generation a little bit better than the previous, the same way you see subtle improvements between smartphones or operating software updates.

Yet despite that seemingly incremental name, that isn’t what is happening. That is why phrases like “robotic revolution” and “game-changing technologies” are the shorthand phrases surrounding references to increases of up to 500% in pick rate. There are very few industries where a jump that high could be considered an “increment”.

Discover what makes the Wise Robotics entry into industry 4.0 so powerful and game-changing that it can make this much difference to your warehouse operations. Read on to learn more


When your robots can move at consistent speeds of between 1.5-2 metres per second, pick rates will go up. Fatigue, distraction, and general inconsistency mean that manual pickers cannot move between the racks in this fashion and maintain this kind of pace.

With the technology from Wise Robotics, the increase in speed will improve pick rates dramatically. Up to 500% improvement makes sense when you have robots reaching a level of consistent speed that manual pickers can only achieve at peak performance.


The way that flexible robotics compresses and reorganises your racking options allows for much greater storage density. Specifically, up to 30% more storage density. With everything much closer together, distances to the picking stations become much shorter. This is becoming all the more important, with the ongoing shortage in warehouse space, as storage becomes both more scarce and more expensive.

Combining faster speed with greater density, and increases of up to 500% become eminently understandable.


The Wise Robotics solutions allow your pickers to use laser focus on the task at hand. Without the multi-tasking distraction of walking up and down the aisles, finding the right product, bringing it back, and moving it onto the next stage, the whole process becomes much more finely crafted to just one role.

With flexible automation solutions combining all the benefits of faster item movement and denser storage shortening travel times, allowing the picker to focus on what is perhaps the most important part of their role. Trading much more picks for far less legwork means that pick rates rises of up to 500% become almost inevitable.


Wise Robotics isn’t just about robots that get you from point A to point B faster. It isn’t just about better ways to bring the goods to the person or even a swifter production line. It’s about applying smart systems to the storage process.

Because your warehouse is flexible, with the robots able to move racks into new configurations, your product can be reorganised on the fly. If the system identifies particular products as being in high demand, the robots will rearrange things to store them much nearer the picking stations. At the same time, more rarely called-for items will be pushed to the back to make room. This is all arranged as the day goes on, without disrupting normal operations.

Combining this smart solution with increased focus, denser storage, and consistent speed makes it clearer than ever why pick rate rises of up to 500% are within reach.

How is this possible?

To discover just how all of his, and much more, is made possible by Wise Robotics – come and see it for yourself!

Visit Europe’s first flexible robotic demonstration centre, and see first hand how technology of this kind enhances warehouse operations across the country. Discover how your business can reap the benefits of the robotic revolution, and why pick rates up to 500% above your current standard can be found in the near future.

The question your business needs to consider, is who’s future will it be? Yours, or your competitors.

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