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Robotics partner’s success at the Red Dot Design Awards

Article by Megan Gee
reddot design award win

Wise Robotics partner Hikrobot has proudly announced its second and third Red Dot Award.

The designs for the Container Transport Unit (CTU) and the F4 Forklift both won prizes for product design, with Hikrobot’s Q3 having previously won in 2019. To better show why we’re so excited to be bringing Hikrobot’s amazing technology to UK SMEs, here’s an overview of the awards:

What is the Red Dot Design Award?

Beginning in 1955, and formerly known as the Design Innovationen, the Red Dot Awards are given out to B2B and B2C companies and groups that design, engineer and develop new products and technologies. Red Dot states the award is aimed at those who “distinguish their business activities through design“.

Companies and products that have won in the past include Ferrari, Siemens, Lenovo, the Bose Design Center, Porsche and Apple. If a product wins, it earns the opportunity to go on display at the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Denmark.

While Red Dot has more recently expanded the scope of its awards into areas like brand and communication design, as well as design concept, the central pillar of the award has always been product design.

What did Hikrobot win?

Across two years, Hikrobot has now received three Red Dot Awards in the field of product design. In 2019, the winner was its fast and nimble Q3 warehouse robot and in 2020, the awards were given to the Container Transport Unit (CTU) and the F4 Forklift. Here’s what the Red Dot juries had to say about each of these works of expert design and technology:


“Complex on the inside, compact on the outside – the sophisticated design of this automated guided vehicle conveys a high degree of reliability and appeal.”


“The material-handling robot CTU combines a compact design with handy features and thus is suitable for a multitude of storage uses.”

F4 Forklift

“Thanks to its intelligent SLAM feature and its omni-directional manoeuvrability, the F4 Forklift recommends itself for comprehensive industrial use.”

This international recognition makes it exceptionally clear why Hikrobot is the first port of call for exemplary warehouse automation. At Wise Robotics, we are both proud and excited to bring this amazing technology to the UK’s vibrant and dynamic SME sector.

To learn more about what we offer, come and visit us in person and book in a demonstration at our state-of-the-art Robotics Demonstration Centre.

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