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Six reasons to witness the robotics revolution first hand

Article by Megan Gee
wise robotics robotics demonstration centre

Visit Europe’s premier warehouse automation centre and discover the power of the robotics revolution for yourself

The robotics revolution isn’t coming – It’s already here.

Specifically, it can be found at Europe’s first automated warehouse demonstration centre, just north-west of the city of Lincoln. Here you can witness the full potential of what flexible automation has to offer, and why your business needs to get on board with the robotics revolution.

For anyone who might be undecided, consider the following six samples of what you get to witness for yourself on the OW Robotics demonstration tour:

1. Robots, revealed

Reading the stats and profiles of the Q3 and the Q7 paints a truly astonishing picture. A picture of two highly advanced pieces of technology, precision-engineered to perform exceptional feats of intelligence, efficiency, and speed in your warehouse. On our tour, you will get to see just what you can achieve with millimetres of stopping precision, while simultaneously having the capacity to carry several hundred kilos of product. Discover the true power of flexible warehouse automation.

2. View our state-of-the-art equipment

For flexible automation, robotics are essential, but not everything. A suite of customisable and adjustable support equipment makes a range of different flexible automation options possible. These include:

The pick light: Our system to direct warehouse operatives to the correct product that needs to be picked.

The pick wall: The large bi-directional mobile array of storage bins that makes organising and sorting smaller items ever more efficient.

The racks: The fully adjustable free-standing storage solutions that can carry a vast array of product types.

Witnessing our equipment in action allows you to discover the full extent of an important truth about OW Robotics. We don’t just sell robots, we provide complete, end-to-end solutions.

OW Robotics will tailor and adjust our package to match your business’s specific requirements. To learn exactly how much we can customise what we offer, see the full range of our equipment in person.

3. Experience the infrastructure

The true beauty of flexible warehouse automation is its infrastructure. Or rather, the lack of infrastructure required for an OW Robotics solution.

The robotics revolution is not your grandad’s warehouse. Flexible automation means no gantries. No rails. No row upon row of conveyor belt rollers. No huge space-consuming robotic arms, so bulky they have to be riveted into the floor.

Flexible automation means exactly that; It can fit into any size or shape of any warehouse you like, all thanks to its extremely minimalistic infrastructure – DM codes secured to the floor.

4. See the software

To balance speed and power, control is always essential. That is exactly what OW Robotics offers in the form of RCS (robot control system) and expertly crafted WMS and ERP integration options.

As part of your tour of OW Robotics, you will get to see first hand what this software can do. The demonstration we provide will let you see how your warehouse could operate dramatically faster in complete conjunction with every other aspect of your business.

Our robots can start processing an ecommerce order moments after it’s placed, vastly improving operational efficiency. To see how this is all possible, come and visit us for yourself.

5. Witness the solutions

Though you can get lots of information from our website, social media pages and ongoing video content, coming to our premises and actually seeing our robots, equipment, infrastructure and software all in motion is something you can get nowhere else.

You can witness the real meaning of a robot-only grid, learn why goods-to-picker is so much faster, why flexible automation is the future of all production lines, and why A-to-B makes more sense with robots bearing the load. OW Robotics is in the business of solutions. To truly witness the power of flexible robotics automation, come and see these solutions for yourself.

6. Ask any questions you might have

If touring OW Robotics was just about delivering a pitch or explaining what flexible automation is, a great deal of that could be accomplished through blogs and videos. On the tour, you get to go much deeper. You get to ask detailed, specific, and on-the-spot questions. The kinds of questions you only think to ask when you’ve seen the robots, equipment, infrastructure, and software all in full flow.

When you come to our tour, our team of highly trained, world-class robotics experts, will be there to answer any questions, no matter how specific or detailed. Our team will ensure you come away with the most thorough and detailed understanding of flexible automation.

We won’t just be there telling you which of the robots would be best. Using our operational expertise, combined with our technical understanding, we would explore and discuss the full range of possible solutions. Ultimately creating a tailored option, specific to you and your business.

To learn more about what the robotics revolution makes possible, come and see for yourself by booking a tour today.

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