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Welcome, Wise Robotics.

Article by Megan Gee

Today, OW Robotics is proud to unveil our new brand, Wise Robotics – a new identity that better reflects our position as an innovative and leading robotics solutions provider.

OW Robotics was founded in 2018 with the aim to deliver world-class robotic solutions for businesses across the UK and has since grown from strength to strength. In 2020, OW Robotics opened Europe’s first Robotics Demonstration Centre. The centre allows UK businesses to replicate their processes within a sandbox environment and experience first-hand how a tailored automated robotics solution would impact their business.

As well as our own successes, we’ve been lucky enough to share in the success of numerous customers. OW Robotics worked with the UK’s largest supplier and manufacturer of hinges and ironmongery, A. Perry, to install 15 fully automated robots and 330 moveable pods in its 5,000 sq. ft warehouse. As well as being able to process orders more than four times quicker, A. Perry was able to reduce day-to-day operational costs and make space for future expansion.

Wise Robotics represents a new chapter for us, and our new identity is symbolic of our vision for the future. A future that’s bold, cutting-edge, and modern.

We have experienced considerable growth since we launched OW Robotics in 2018 and then in 2019 when we started our partnership with HikRobot, a global robotic solutions provider. This new chapter under Wise Robotics is symbolic of our vision for the future. A future that’s bold, cutting-edge, and innovative. Importantly our new brand will help us continue to build on our success and continue to grow our position in the warehouse automation market.
Head of Robotics, Joe Daft

What else has changed?

As well as a new website, you might notice a few other changes too. Our Robotics Demonstration Centre where visitors can meet the WR team and see our robots in action is also receiving a makeover. As before, you’re able to take a virtual tour, or a socially distanced, face to face visit with our experts.

Just like our robots – we are not static. Change is necessary, being flexible and adaptive is necessary, and we’re excited for you all to be stepping into that change with us.

We believe the future is a Wise one, and welcome you to join us on that journey.

Any questions?

If you have any comments or questions about these new changes, please get in touch with one of the team.

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