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Automation providers vs Robotic resellers – What can your robots do?

Article by Megan Gee
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Discover what to expect of your industry 4.0 business partner when asking about the robot’s abilities

Finding your industry 4.0 business partner can be difficult. With flexible warehouse automation being such a very new field, it can feel like you’re putting all your faith into nothing but the promises of slick marketing material.

In this series, Wise Robotics is providing the questions that can separate actual automation providers from mere robotics resellers. Our first article told you why it’s vital to find out what a company says when you ask “Can I see the robots in action?“. Now we consider an inquiry both broad in its scope, and yet still narrow enough to separate companies into two categories.

“What can your robots do?”

This seems like a question with far too many possible answers. But as you step back a little, you’ll quickly see that the kinds of response you get can be grouped into two clear and recognisable categories.

Robotic resellers

In answering this question, a robotic reseller will come at it from one of two directions. Their answer will either be short and extremely generic, or slightly longer and highly specific.

The short and generic answer boils down to “whatever you want them to do” or “it’s up to you”. These robotic resellers are simply there to supply you with the robots. They won’t be able to direct you on installations or offer suggestions on the best way to use them.

The longer and more specific answer is generally linked to lots of designated tasks and techniques that the robots can and do perform. Particular tasks conducted in specific orders. Rigid and unchanging parameters.

Automation providers

When presented with the question “What can your robots do?” the automation providers will answer with a question of their own: “What do you need them to do?”

Automation providers are all about tailored solutions. They will be asking your business all kinds of questions about what you want out of a warehouse robotics solution so that they can get you the best possible outcome. Questions like the following:

All these questions are there to help the provider develop a clear and comprehensive perspective on your business, so they can offer a specific solution that fits your particular parameters. The end result will be new ideas, fresh workflows, and different perspectives on operations that you may not have previously considered.

Tailored technology today

A robotics reseller might be able to offer a warehouse automation system that could suit just about any business. But you don’t run just any old business. You run your business.

When you choose someone to bring your business into industry 4.0, you need to be confident not just that they offer the best technology in general. You want to be sure they have the best technology specifically for you. Something that works well for your specific situation. For that, you need a business that will commission an automation solution with your particular parameters in mind.

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