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Why Wise? The installation imperative

Article by Megan Gee
professional installing DM codes


Knowing what you should and should not expect from an industry 4.0 partner is rarely a simple matter.

Understanding the technology is very different from knowing what the sector as a whole is providing. This makes everything less than clear for businesses looking to invest in this field.

Wise Robotics has been working hard to demystify the decision-making process in this area for some time. In the past, we have published pieces about the warning signs of under-automation, and the correct choice criteria when it comes to selecting the best automation for your business.

Following on from those questions is another important one that we need to answer. Why Wise? What are the important and distinguishing reasons that should make your business choose Wise Robotics to bring your warehouse into the next generation of automation?

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The installation imperative

When it comes to warehouse automation installation, the top-level question that often needs answering is simply “how long will it take?”. Unfortunately, there is no single simple answer. No two warehouse automation solutions are identical, so it takes a great deal of detailed investigation, careful consideration, and intensive research before a comprehensive answer can be given.

What Wise Robotics can offer, which many other businesses will not, is the solid promise of a realistic range.

A promise that our installation timetables are measured in a matter of weeks.

This is in stark contrast to many other styles of robotics or other suppliers who believe that months, or even in some case years is a more realistic timeline for such processes. At Wise Robotics however, we take a very different approch.

Flexibility equals speed

Wise Robotics is able to offer rapid installation for your warehouse thanks to the style of solutions on offer. When many people imagine automation, they think of the long rows of elaborate rails and gantries where robots need pre-built infrastructure to find their way around a static and stationary grid matrix. This is the kind of automation that was popularised in industry 3.0, but things have now dramatically moved on.

Wise Robotics is working with industry 4.0 technology, which means flexible automation. This allows us to use the absolute bare minimum of fixed physical infrastructure in your warehouse. Aside from the careful installation of floor-mounted DM markers, wall-installed sensor reflectors, and possibly some Aruco codes, Wise Robotics requires no other fixed physical infrastructure to make your automation operation a reality.

With this much smaller physical footprint, Wise Robotics is not only much faster, it is also much more focused. We can spend our time focused on integrating our RCS software with your pre-existing WMS/ERP solutions. We can design a set of custom-crafted dashboards that monitor the specific KPIs that your business is most interested in. We can work to train your staff to conduct the kind of occasional low-level maintenance that you can manage on-site without external intervention. All these services and more can be the focus of the Wise Robotics team.

Discover Wise Robotics

Come and visit Europe’s first flexible automation demonstration centre, at the Wise Robotics UK headquarters. Discover more about how flexible robotics could revolutionise your business. See how the specialised solutions that Wise Robotics can offer are truly game-changing. Learn more about the rapid installation process our engineers have perfected. Find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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