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Why Wise? The integration incentive

Article by Megan Gee
wise robotics rcs on screen in warehouse


Industry 4.0 focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, and real-time data. At Wise Robotics, we are very much at the forefront of ensuring our robotics are fully interconnected and automated with readily available software such as WMS and ERP.

The opportunities are clear, and the possibilities seem endless, but the actual understanding of what makes good warehouse automation is sometimes a little harder to come by.

Non-experts may find the wide array of warehouse automation services more than a little bemusing. At Wise Robotics, we’ve been working hard to explain and clarify many of the different elements of modern warehouse robotics. That’s why previously we’ve provided a glossary explaining flexible automation terms, a guide on the right questions to ask potential industry 4.0 partners, and why it’s important to know the difference between AGVs and AMRs.

After answering those questions, the next one you might have is “Why Wise?”. Why should you trust Wise Robotics to take your company on the next step into the automated future? One key reason is the integrations Wise Robotics can offer.

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The importance of integration

A proper warehouse automation solution goes far beyond the physical robots, racking, and navigation infrastructure. You also need to have a robust integration arrangement between your business’s WMS/ERP arrangements and the robotic control system (RCS).

Without this kind of integration, there will be a serious inefficiency running through your business. Manual operation and direction of the robots will be required for all kinds of different issues. Information may need to be transposed into multiple formats to keep the automation accurate, and you may end up with a system that consumes more time than it saves.

Your WMS/ERP system must be properly integrated with your RCS or your warehouse simply won’t work. It is the extensive experience with this kind of integration that creates a very strong incentive for many businesses to choose Wise.

Wise Robotics as a company is built on the foundation of OrderWise. An international provider of ERP and WMS software, OrderWise has worked with over a thousand companies of various sizes, shapes, and industries.

While OrderWise does use a central modular framework in the provision of its software, the simple truth is that no two deployments of OrderWise are exactly alike. OrderWise works hard to specifically tailor and engineer its software solutions to the exact requirements of each and every client. Connecting and integrating OrderWise software into existing systems and pre-designed operational parameters.

Wise Robotics has taken this foundation of three decades of experience engineering tailored software solutions and has applied it into the field of WMS/ERP to RCS integration. Thanks to all this talent, skill, and institutional knowledge, Wise Robotics can now offer a single key service that presents a distinct and valuable advantage.

ERP with robotics

When you are considering a Wise Robotics’ solution, it is a complete solution. You don’t need to be concerned that your ERP isn’t exactly what the RCS will understand. Nor do you need to be worried about potential time delays and new training that could be involved in the adoption of a new package of ERP options.

Wise Robotics offers a complete flexible automation solution, specifically tailored to your business. Whatever ERP you employ, however, your business manages its software infrastructure and warehouse management, we will design an automation system to integrate with you.

Wise Robotics offers the best possible integration for ERP with robotics for your business. We examine your system, learn how you do business, and then re-engineer our solutions to work for you. We’re able to do this thanks to three decades of working closely with businesses of every size and shape all around the UK and beyond. Our experience of close connection and in-depth understanding of our clients, combined with our technical excellence and cutting edge engineering, means we can offer you an integration incentive you will be unable to find with any other automation provider.

WMS software for robotic warehouses

WMS was developed specifically to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, allowing you to accurately identify stock and manage inventory levels, improve visibility across your teams and react immediately to changing demand, but it doesn’t have to stop there. The entire principle of Industry 4.0 acknowledges seamless integrations. Your robotic warehouse should and can therefore integrate directly with WMS.

Whatever warehouse management system you deploy, our team of software for robotic warehouse engineers with access and re-engineer solutions which work for your business. Interconnect your robotic workforce with your own workforce to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the overview of your operations. Such systems are a marker of properly engineered industry 4.0 solutions.

Discover Wise Robotics software integrations today

Come and visit Europe’s first flexible automation demonstration centre, at the Wise Robotics UK headquarters. Discover more about how properly integrated flexible robotics could revolutionise your business. See how the specialised solutions that Wise Robotics can offer are truly game-changing. Learn more about the rapid installation process our engineers have perfected. Find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling Industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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