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Why Wise? The R&D readiness

Article by Megan Gee
research and development


Picking the perfect next-generation robotics partner is a process laced with potential problems.

With industry 4.0 being relatively young, it can be difficult to separate genuinely competent companies from the over-promising opportunists. Considering the advantages on offer if your company chooses correctly, and the costs involved if you make a mistake, carelessness is not an option.

Wise Robotics has written extensively on the subject of the ways and means companies have when it comes to choices here. Questions like “what kind of supplementary technology do you offer?” and “how customisable are your robots?” can really help you differentiate between the kinds of companies that can offer a genuine solution compared to those that are only interested in re-selling you someone else’s robots.

After determining the kinds of questions that separate the flimsy from the futuristic, the following query becomes extremely important. Why Wise? What makes Wise Robotics the kind of industry 4.0 company you can trust to last far beyond an initial investment. A company that can carry you and your business deep into the future. To answer that, one particular indicator is more than valuable.

The R&D readiness

Research and development is a key tool for so many different businesses. In the case of any robotics company claiming to provide industry 4.0 equipment however it is essential. As the technology continues to evolve and develop, providers need to be sure that they can offer the kinds of cutting edge systems that will keep them competitive in a challenging marketplace.

To keep what we offer ahead of everyone else, Wise Robotics is investing £4.5 million annually into developing new techniques to improve our solutions, and new technology to offer to our clients.

This is all done at the direction of Wise Robotics’ leadership. We answer to no venture capitalists, no outside investors, no other controlling parties. The technologies and equipment we develop are oriented solely around what we believe would be best for our clients. Not the latest money-making trend that a well-financed non-expert has directed us to investigate.

At Wise Robotics, we have the resources and the readiness to pursue the best possible R&D course available to us at the given moment. This is not merely theoretical. It has already resulted in major advancements.

Picking spotlights

Wise Robotics are world leaders in the fields of accuracy advancement when it comes to goods-to-person solutions. The fast-moving nature of ecommerce, 3PL, and various other warehouse-utilising businesses operating in the B2C sphere means that extreme accuracy is not only essential. It also cannot come as part of a compromise on lower overall speed.

Wise Robotics brought these two needs together with the picking spotlight. A carefully tailored equipment arrangement that uses a swivel-mounted torch beam to tell manual pickers exactly where to look to find the needed item for their current order. Discover more about this equipment here to see a real sample of just how Wise Robotics uses our R&D self-investment to make meaningful technological additions to the industry 4.0 landscape.

Discover Wise Robotics

Come and visit Europe’s first flexible automation demonstration centre, at the Wise Robotics UK headquarters. Discover more about how flexible robotics could revolutionise your business. See how the specialised solutions that Wise Robotics can offer are truly game-changing. Learn more about the rapid installation process our engineers have perfected. Find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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