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Why Wise? The Relationship Reality

Article by Megan Gee


As the presence of Industry 4.0 continues to grow within the warehousing and logistics sector, more companies are studying hard to make sense of what’s on offer.

Distinguishing between companies that only have confident slogans versus the ones that can provide comprehensive solutions is critical. With the new automation waves being so young, this can be difficult.

Wise Robotics has looked into this area many times before. We’ve explained how important it can be to see the robots in person, and why asking in-depth questions about KPIs can be a real game-changer.

To go a little deeper, we want to answer this important question. Why Wise? Why should you be confident that Wise Robotics is more than just a smart-sounding name? A big part of the answer there is that for Wise Robotics, the technology is only half the picture. For Wise Robotics, it’s also about the relationship.

The relationship reality

Wise Robotics is a big believer in the importance of a strong business relationship. We won’t just be selling you a fleet of robots and leaving you to get on with things. Wise Robotics believe in forming a strong and lasting business relationship to help you get the very best out of this next-generation technology. Knowing that a cord of three strands cannot easily be broken, the relationship between Wise Robotics and our customers comes in three crucial parts.


When you are installing technology that is supposed to be revolutionising your efficiency and improving operations, the last thing you want is a new wave of rekeying. Wise Robotics makes sure we fully integrate our robotics systems with whatever you’re currently using for WMS/ERP.

This seamless set of connections means minimum disruption and maximum productivity gain. A business relationship with Wise Robotics means you get a team of software engineers and support staff working closely with your business. With this collaboration, we’ll build the simplest and easiest connection between your system and your new industry 4.0 technology.

Maintenance and support

While Wise Robotics prides itself on robust engineering and reliable technology, the reality is that no system is ever perfect. That’s why a business relationship with Wise Robotics includes the offer of a 24/7/52 support service, always on hand to provide you with any and all help you may need.

We also arrange routine maintenance sessions to keep track of ongoing operations. Crucially, these are worked around your schedule. The last thing you need in a busy season is a team of technicians taking crucial technology out of the loop for inspection. We make sure we come to you when you can fit us in. That’s the promise of a Wise Robotics business relationship.


The last thing a healthy business relationship needs is unbalanced dependency. Wise Robotics is not interested in making your company unhealthily dependent upon us. As part of a well-tuned business relationship that is empowering and enhancing, Wise Robotics offers a robust set of training courses in minor physical maintenance, software servicing, and safety support. Just as our technology empowers your business, our training empowers your staff to use our technology. That is the promise of a Wise Robotics business relationship.

Discover Wise Robotics

Come and visit Wise Robotics in person to discover why a business relationship with us could revolutionise your business. See how the extra efficiency is truly game-changing. Learn how systems like these are more within reach than you might realise. Find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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