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Why Wise? The three-decade decider

Article by Megan Gee


Industry 4.0 is a new and relatively uncharted technological landscape. Although some of the foundational innovations and ideas have existed for a while, their impact the foundations of the logistics and warehousing sector is only recently becoming clear.

Finding the right partner in this new marketplace can be confusing. Establishment names can’t be relied upon for certainty of outcome in the way that was true in the past, and newer providers are emerging with grander and grander claims about their technology. So what can companies look for when they are trying to find the right industry 4.0 partner?

At Wise Robotics, this is an area that we have investigated several times before. We’ve explained why companies looking for reliable automation partners need to make sure they ask about scalability, the range of KPIs on offer, and whether or not you can see the robots in person.

Having answered all of those questions and more besides, we’re now going to look at a much more specific angle. Why Wise? What makes Wise Robotics confident that they can represent the equivalent of better-known suppliers? The answer lies in the foundation that Wise Robotics was built on.

CAn I see the robots in action?

The three-decade decider

Although Wise Robotics as a company was incorporated in October 2020, the roots of the company’s foundations run much deeper. Wise Robotics was founded by the people behind OrderWise, a major provider of WMS and ERP software since 1991.

OrderWise has been crafting, updating, and innovating in the field of WMS/ERP software so successfully that they now support and maintain the digital architecture of over 1,300 companies across the UK and beyond. This is not only built upon the talent and tenacity of their team of engineers, testers, and developers but also by the guiding philosophy behind the OrderWise operations. A philosophy that has been imported across to Wise Robotics also.

Collaborative listening & tailored solutions

To build the very best WMS/ERP packages for their clients, OrderWise quickly realised that there was no point in a ‘box-off-the-shelf’ or a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. While all companies have elements of processes and procedures in common, no two are ever the same. The ideal way to build the very best software was to understand the situations these companies found themselves in, listen carefully to the way they describe themselves, ask incisive questions, and hear out the answers in full.

This philosophy of collaborative listening has given OrderWise a deep and profound understanding of the struggles and challenges faced by warehouse utilising businesses. In the same way, the process of crafting tailored software solutions has taught OrderWise the best possible way to build exactly what is needed for any situation. By combining these two sets of experience, Wise Robotics offers a unique and extremely valuable service in the world of industry 4.0.

Specialised solution supplier

Wise Robotics does much more than sell robots, supply software, and sort out systems. We do the designing, developing, and deployment of a complete and comprehensive solution. Connecting each and every step of your warehouse automation into one singular process that you can control and understand at every stage.

We don’t insist that you use a specific software as a starting point. We built a custom connection between the robotic control system (RCS) and your company’s pre-existing WMS/ERP systems.

We don’t provide a list of requirements for you to rework your warehouse’s shape and design from the ground up. We work with what you already have to ensure our automation works best for your needs.

We don’t impose our way of operating onto your business model. We listen to the ways that you work, hear you out about what you need, and then only propose the kind of automation options that you really require.

By listening collaboratively and tailoring our tools to what you need, Wise Robotics creates the kind of relationship with your business that results in reliable and dramatic improvements. We are able to do this with robotic hardware because of the three decades of experience we’re building on doing this for thousands of clients with commercial software.

Discover Wise Robotics

Come and visit the Wise Robotics demonstration centre and discover more about how flexible robotics could revolutionise your business. See how the specialised solutions that Wise Robotics can offer are truly game-changing, learn more about the things that our collaborative listening approach teaches us about warehouse utilisation, and find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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