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Why Wise? The UK factor

Article by Megan Gee


Industry 4.0 is an exciting frontier of new efficiencies, new opportunities, and new technology. But like so many frontiers, many are coming to it without a map.

Companies investigating the possibilities for their operation might be struggling to distinguish between the technologies offered by the different options out there. Separating outlandish claims from substantial systems can be a challenge.

At Wise Robotics, we’ve covered a great many questions on this subject before. From learning how you can tell an AGV from an AMR, as well as the important distinctions between fixed and flexible automation, distinguishing a mere robotic reseller from an actual automation provider, and the best questions to ask to make sure you get that right.

With those subjects cleared up, we’d like to be a little more specific now and answer this important question. Why Wise? Why should you choose to trust Wise Robotics with automating your warehouse? One key answer comes from where Wise Robotics is based.

The UK Factor

A key and vital reason your business should consider Wise Robotics is the UK Factor. All aspects of the Wise Robotics operations are UK-based. From the sales agents to the development experts, the software engineers, the testing teams, the implementation experts, the maintenance division, and the success managers. All reaching from the centre of the East Midlands to every part of the UK and far beyond.

Communication clarity & convenience

Working with a UK business specifically gives you a range of advantages. As well as there being no confusion surrounding time zones, bank holidays, or any of the other various scheduling slip-ups that can come when working with companies in different countries/continents.

Much research has been done about the variations in business cultures around the world. Variations include everything from the significance given to specific issues to the interpretation of particular terms. With a common business culture to work with, all parties can be more confident about the stage, process, and practices that are involved.

The import issue

The other big advantage offered by the UK factor is the issue of imports. Wise Robotics maintains a UK-based storage facility for all spare parts, support equipment, and other essential items for ongoing robotic operations. An ideal feature given the state of fluctuation and uncertainty often found in the global supply chain at the present time.

This means that in the unlikely event of the kind of malfunction or damage where specific parts need to be replaced, your business won’t be at the mercy of import schedules or courier timetables. Wise Robotics will deliver the items you need, and the experts who can make use of them, as quickly as humanly possible.

Additionally, if more complex repairs are required, our UK-based teams of engineers will be able to arrive very quickly. If a long-term repair issue is at risk, replacement robots also kept in UK-based storage facilities will be ready and waiting to be deployed as and when required.

Discover Wise Robotics

Come and visit Wise Robotics in-person to discover more about how flexible robotics could revolutionise your business. See how the extra efficiency is truly game-changing. Learn how systems like these are more within reach than you might realise. Find out why the industry as a whole is not wrong to be calling industry 4.0 a robotic revolution.

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