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Wise Robotics at the Manufacturing Expo – see our Q3 AMR

Article by Megan Gee


With warehouse automation, as is the case with so many new industries, innovations, and technologies, seeing is believing. That’s why we at Wise Robotics are working hard to make sure that everyone who wants to see the latest and greatest warehouse automation technology can get that opportunity.

On June 8-9th of 2022, Wise Robotics will be attending the Manufacturing Expo at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. You can find us at stand F58 where we’ll be demonstrating a small sample of the kinds of technology on offer, and explaining why your business can’t afford to ignore the changes that are coming.

The Q3

A key cornerstone of our display this year is the smallest robot in the range that powers our warehouse automation solutions. The Q3.

An Autonomous Mobile Robot originally designed, developed, and deployed by Hikrobot, the Q3 is the ideal operational linchpin for so many warehouse automation solutions. Whether your business needs accelerated Goods-to-Person processes or faster Materials handling operations, the Q3 is the best tool for the job.

With an unloaded mass of 143kg, maximum operational speed of 2 m/s, acceleration of 0.7m/s2, and a carrying capacity of 600kg the Q3 is a small and swift performer that punches well above its weight. Packed with a sophisticated suite of sensors ranging from laser sweepers to ultrasonic pulses, and advanced transmitter/receivers for wifi/5G transmissions.

These strong qualities were why an earlier model of the Q3 won a 2019 Red Dot Design Award. Praising the newly developed AMR, the Red Dot judges said “Complex on the inside, compact on the outside… [the Q3 features] sophisticated design…[and] a high degree of reliability and appeal”.

The Q3 & Manufacturers

The Q3 offers a wide range of opportunities and advantages to manufacturers specifically. With the efficiency and speed that this kind of warehouse automation provides, assembly processes, materials handling, and any number of other actions can be dramatically improved and enhanced.

Space saving

The Q3s are noteworthy for their low profile and slight frames. Combined with the minimal infrastructure needed for navigation and mobility, the Q3 can keep your manufacturing processes moving without wasting valuable facility floor space. Allowing your business more room for equipment, materials, and anything else you might need.

Advanced accuracy

Thanks to the lasers, ultrasonics, and advanced guidance systems built into both the Q3 itself and the RCS that controls it, unprecedented levels of accuracy become simple everyday processes. The Q3 can position and angle itself within single digit numbers of both millimetres. Ideal for moving additive processed materials between stations along a production line.

Adaptive actions

The Q3 is a centrepiece of the flexible model of warehouse automation. Without the need for any fixed infrastructure or static placements, it means you can rearrange your facility as and when you need. If technology changes or you need different equipment as part of your assembly process, rearranging the Q3’s processes is simply a matter of reprogramming and redirecting, rather than wholesale restructuring. With the Q3, adjustment is key.

See for yourself

To see why the Red Dot judges were so impressed, and to learn more about how Wise Robotics can bring the full potential of flexible warehouse automation to your business, come and see it for yourself. Find Wise Robotics at stand F58 in Birmingham’s NEC between the 8th-9th June 2022. Register your free visitor pass here:

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