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Wise Robotics at the Manufacturing Expo – PowerPick challenge

Article by Megan Gee


To discover the full power of what flexible warehouse automation can do for your business, the very best way is to see it first-hand. That is why Wise Robotics is attending the Manufacturing Expo, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, on the 8th-9th June 2022.

Wise Robotics is a big believer in first-hand demonstrations. While we have teams of experts who can explain the powers of flexible robotics, and our videos and resources offer valuable insights with both deep dives and overall overviews, actually interacting with the process directly shines a whole different light on things. That is why we created the PowerPick challenge, and why you will be able to experience it at this year’s Manufacturing Expo.

The PowerPick Challenge

The PowerPick challenge is a game that demonstrates exactly how much faster flexible automation can make your operations. It challenges you to be able to pick and pack items displayed on the screen as fast as possible. This process reveals just how much extra speed and efficiency can be achieved using the picking spotlight combined with autonomous mobile robots bringing rack after rack to well prepared picking agents.

As visitors watch their own scores rise, and see just how much better these systems can work, they learn why it is that flexible robotic automation is the future of so many business sectors. Manufacturing included.

Rapid materials handling

The speed and consistency of performance provided by flexible automation will quickly become clear to see when you play the PowerPick challenge. With this kind of speed, you can be sure that every component and completed product will be marked and moved exactly as needed. All accomplished in this kind of time frame, this is far beyond anything mere manual operations could provide

Astute accuracy

The picking spotlight system provides the kind of processing accuracy that you simply won’t be able to find in a manual only operation. As the PowerPick Challenge shows when you play, the beam makes selecting and sorting individual items quick and easy, minimising manual error to the barest minimum as one-touch fulfilment is made not only possible but normal.

Score and see

Come and visit Wise Robotics at the NEC in Birmingham this June 8th-9th and see the kind of scores you can manage. Register your free visitor pass here:

As you play, you’ll come to understand the kinds of warehouse automation on offer here. You’ll grasp why manufacturers around the UK and beyond would do well to get ready. The robotic revolution isn’t coming. It’s already here.

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