Bringing flexible automation to the manufacturing marketplace

Accuracy and efficiency in every aspect of the manufacturing process is always paramount. One mistake can often lead to a chain of problems, ultimately compromising the speed and service offered to clients. Yet as demand rises alongside the growing expectations of customers, the need for new approaches is vital. Robotic-led automation can be the difference-maker.

Production line

Maximise production without sacrificing space. Break away from fixed infrastructure giving you greater flexibility. Move, adapt and customise lines with minimal additional costs.


Deliver additional materials, parts or tools to each manufacturing station without ever having to leave the work area. Free workers up to focus on their craft.

Materials handling

Automatically transport larger components or pallets of completed products between key points in your warehouse with consistent speed, superior accuracy and advanced safety features.

Robotic automation

With the range of flexible robotic automation offered by Wise Robotics, your manufacturing operation no longer needs to compromise when it comes to accuracy, speed, and space utilisation. You can have the best of all words with unparalleled installation speeds and a full ROI within 12-36 months of a full go-live.
Simple set-up

With no need for intrusive infrastructure, Wise Robotics can have a flexible automation solution operational in your warehouse in a matter of weeks.

Intelligent KPIs

With Wise Robotics’ tailored technology, you get exactly the kind of KPI dashboards you need. Highlight the specific information your business considers the most vital.

Multiple environments

Our robots work whether your facility is chilled, heated, surgically sterile, or entirely shielded and defended from electrostatic discharge.

Space saving

Flexible robotics uses the smallest space footprint of any automated manufacturing system. Discover the room you can save with an industry 4.0 option from Wise Robotics.

Seamless integration with your WMS/ERP
Robotic Control System

At Wise Robotics, we don’t just supply robots and leave you to install and deploy them. We provide a fully functional automation solution. Our engineers deliver a complete Robotic Control System (RCS) that integrates seamlessly with your existing WMS/ERP operations.

Wise Robotics will carefully tailor every aspect of your manufacturing automation system. The robots are central, but they are also one part of a much larger process. We integrate your software, streamline your setup, train your staff, and ready your RCS to instantaneously respond to whatever comes your way.

Why Wise Robotics?

Seize the advantages of our industry expertise, understanding of robotic order fulfilment, technical experience, and the most advanced technology available. All provided through our tailored partnerships, specialist support network, and upheld with continuous investment.

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