Third-Party Logistics Combining warehousing automation and outsourced order fulfilment

As a 3PL business, you are not just responsible for the productivity and accuracy of your own operations. You are also responsible for fulfilling your customers’ orders and ensuring they continue to meet their lead times.

Inefficiencies and inaccuracies within your processes will not just negatively impact your own supply chain. In this increasingly competitive market, 3PL businesses must look to optimise their existing warehousing and fulfilment operations.


Reduce walking and fatigue while enabling workers to fulfil orders more quickly and smoothly by automating the movements of goods and racks to the pickers’ workstations.

Materials handling

Automate the transportation of larger components or pallets of completed products between locations with speed and precision while improving stock management.

Robotic automation

Unleash the full potential of your warehouse and upscale your business’s operational efficiency through an autonomous robotic infrastructure. Embrace complete flexibility and scalability while increasing throughput, lowering costs, and expanding storage capacity.
With the range of flexible robotic automation that Wise Robotics offers, your 3PL operations will never be compromised by a lack of accuracy, speed, or space.
Undisruptive deployment

With no need for intrusive infrastructure, Wise Robotics can have a flexible automation solution operational in your warehouse in a matter of weeks.


With our tailored technology, you get exactly the kind of business intelligence and KPI dashboards you need. Highlight the specific information your business considers the most vital.

Environmental adaptability

Our robots work whether your facility is chilled, heated, surgically sterile, or entirely shielded and defended from electrostatic discharge.


Flexible robotics uses the smallest space footprint of any automated manufacturing system. Discover the room you can save with an industry 4.0 option from Wise Robotics.

Seamless integration with your WMS or ERP
Robotic Control System

Your existing WMS or ERP solution can integrate seamlessly with our Robotic Control System Hub which provides you with complete visibility, real-time intelligence and control of your warehouse.

With the addition of Automation Hub, your business can access robotic data and integrations with your existing software and equipment. This software is flexible, able to work across multiple industries, and operates seamlessly to give your warehouse operatives the best user experience.

Working with Wise Robotics

With an increasing number of businesses turning to 3PL providers to support their stock management, ensuring optimal efficiency has never been so business-critical.

Wise Robotics doesn’t just deploy a project and then move on. Our experts work with 3PL businesses to empower them through strategic, long-term partnerships. We create tailored, autonomous infrastructures based on quality data, unique set ups and growth pipelines.

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