Warehouse and Logistics Gain ultimate control over your operations with flexible robotic automation

Keeping stock flowing through a supply chain in a detailed and calculated fashion is key to any great logistics operation. This includes the flow of physical inventory, as well as that of more abstract goods, including information and time.

With the powerful technology behind Wise Robotics, your business can achieve such control over your warehouse.


Keep your inventory moving at a consistent speed with superior accuracy, all whilst reducing walking and fatigue with employee-friendly goods-to-person robots.

Materials handling

Reaching heights of up to 4.5m, our materials handling solutions fully automate the transport of goods between locations with the ability to organise stock quickly and efficiently.

Robotic automation

With the support of our flexible robotic solutions, your intralogistics operation can run smoothly and accurately without compromising on speed or space. Reap the benefits of an inventory that is properly accounted for, with goods being sent at the right time, at a faster rate.

Unrivalled efficiency

Increase picking efficiency by over 200% with our leading multi-industry robotic solutions.

Increased visibility

With the support of our Automation Hub, you can view different scenarios such as the movement of the materials across your operation.


Our robots work in chilled, heated, or sterile environments. They’re also entirely shielded from electrostatic discharge.


Saving space in your warehouse isn’t easy – but its helped by utilising robots that occupy the smallest footprint possible.

Seamless integration with your WMS or ERP
Robotic Control System

Integrate your WMS or ERP system directly with our Robot Control System Hub – a tool there to provide your business extraordinary insight and control of your warehouse.

With the addition of Automation Hub, your business can access robotic data and integrations with your existing software and equipment. This software is flexible, able to work across multiple industries, and operates seamlessly to give your warehouse operatives the best user experience.

Why Wise Robotics?

We understand that integrating robotics into your operation is still new for many businesses – that’s why Wise Robotics carefully tailors every aspect of your automation solution.

The robots remain a critical part of the process, but they are only part of the picture. We integrate your software, streamline your setup, and train staff.

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