Robotics Demonstration Centre

Take a glimpse into the future of your warehouse with a visit to our state-of-the-art Robotics Demonstration Centre – the first of its kind in Europe.
  • Bring your team to see our robotic solutions in action
  • Receive a guided tour by one of our experts
  • Test your personalised solution in our sandbox area
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Our Robotics Demonstration Centre has a fully functioning goods-to-person robotics grid including pick stations and multiple rack combinations, enabling you to see an estimation of what your solution will look like alongside a demonstration of Wise Robotics Robotic Control System and Automation Hub which guide the robots.

Our second floor is home to a materials handling robotics grid to demonstrate the flexibility and speed in which our robots operate in both materials handling and production line scenarios.

wise robotics VN HR robot family
Customer sandbox area

Housed in our state of the art Robotics Demonstration Centre, our customer sandbox lets our customers test their solutions in their own proof of concept, or whole solution, before deployment.

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Take a tour of Europe’s first warehouse automation facility and witness what robotic automation could look like in your operation.

Message one of our Wise Robotics experts or give us a call on 01522 706070

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Our robots

Q Series

An award winning series of fully futureproof autonomous mobile robots. The Q series employs next-generation technology to provide accurate and advanced automation to any kind of solution, including Goods-to-Person, materials handling, and production lines.

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VNP15 Forklift

An inspired implementation of automated forklift technology. The VNP15 employs laser SLAM and machine vision to deliver advanced and accurate operations to any kind of solution, whether goods-to-person, materials handling or a production line operation.

View VNP15 Forklift
The F4 Automated Forklift

A powerful and precise robot delivering fast and accurate automated forklift operations. The F4 handles all manner of large and irregular loads with both extreme accuracy and high speed, working in synergy with goods to person, materials movement and production line operations.

Our Robots

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