The CTU Robot

A high-speed container delivery system that’s ideal for rapid, accurate throughput

Featuring telescoping arms and an array of sophisticated sensors, the CTU (Container Transport Unit) provides an efficient and accurate solution to the materials handling issues of modern warehouses. For complex trade goods, ecommerce operations, 3PL businesses, and much more, the CTU offers exceptional speed and expert accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1730 mm × 950 mm × 4565 mm
Rotational Diameter 1850 mm
Lifting Height 270 mm to 4000 mm
Weight (with battery) 820 kg
Rated Load 30 × 7 kg or 50 × 5 kg
Operating Speed 0 mm/s to 1500 mm/s
Navigation Two-dimensional code
Positioning Angle Accuracy ±1°
Positioning Accuracy ±10 mm
Laser Obstacle Avoidance Front and Back
Bumper Strip Detection Front and Back
Sound-light alarm Standard equipped
Emergency Stop Button Front and Back
Charge Time ≤ 1.5 h
Battery Endurance 6 h to 8 h
Why choose the CTU Robot?

Rapid and accurate
material handling

Ideal for ecommerce, trade, 3PL, manufactures, and any other warehouse operation. Accelerate your materials handling and reduce error-related delays and difficulties.

Agile and accurate

The CTU uses differential drives, laser-based sensors, telescoping arms, and advanced computer control to place every last item in its exact required space with supreme positioning accuracy.

360 employee safety

The CTU works alongside manual workers with complete safety thanks to its obstacle avoidance systems and laser-based sensors.

Fully flexible

The CTU is a fully independent AMR. It requires neither tracks nor conveyors nor rails nor any other fixed infrastructure. The CTU can support a wide range of payloads in a wider array of environments.

Smart, fast charging

With battery endurance of between 6-8 hours and intelligent power management systems, the CTU provides consistently reliable performance.

Solving your fulfilment challenges

Increase in pick rates
Increase in warehouse throughput
Reduction in labour costs
Months to achieve ROI

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