The Q Series

Quick and compact, the Q series autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) represent award-winning design and next-generation technology

Ideal for goods-to-person and materials handling operations, the Q Series uses advanced equipment in a streamlined profile. Accurate to single millimetres and rotational degrees, the Q Series offers maximum effectiveness in the smallest possible space.

Why choose the Q Series?

Improved efficiency, faster fulfilment

Ideal for ecommerce, 3PL, and any number of warehousing, logistics, and manufacturing operations. Revolutionise warehouse efficiency and reduce operational costs, with typical ROI of 12-36 months

Controlled speed

The Q series provides extreme positioning accuracy with dual-wheel differential drives providing speeds of up to 2 metres per second for secure and rapid goods movements.

360° employee safety

With safety features powered and controlled through Laser, TOF and Ultrasound systems, your staff and stock are protected through obstacle avoidance protocols.


Storage infrastructure has the power to scale and adapt as well as manage diverse product ranges with varying densities with AMRs able to support payloads of up to 1500kg.

Smart, fast charging

Combining auto-charge and burst charging techniques, with power monitoring and a sophisticated robotic control system to increased productivity.

Next-generation navigation
Warehousing infrastructure is not a one size fits all approach. With the flexibility and scalability of our Q robot series, you can create a strategic navigation set-up, specific to your unique operations.
DM Codes

These 2D Data Matrix codes can be mounted securely onto a warehouse floor and provide crucial orientation and positioning information, without compromising on space utility.

SLAM Navigation

Simultaneous Location And Mapping allows the Q Series to scan any shape of space and immediately determine its current position, and the most efficient route to its destination.

Texture Mapping

Using hyper-precise cameras, Q Series AMRs make detailed scans of workspace flooring surfaces. These enable high-accuracy multi-environmental mapping and navigation.

Case Study
233% increase in pickrates

Since implemented a Wise Robotics solution, A Perry Ltd, the UK’s largest supplier and manufacturer of hinges and ironmongery, are now able to process orders more than four times quicker and have increase their order picking rates by over 200%.

Key statistics
Increase in pick rates
Increase in throughput
Reduction in labour costs
Months to achieve ROI

Flexible Warehouse Racks

Our racks are able to work with both EU and UK pallets for hassle free distribution internationally.

If your business primarily works with large, heavy or bulky items they can be easily stored on our racks which provide you with secure, strong shelving.

Our racks can be easily configured for businesses who need to transport clothing without risk of damage.

Easily locate smaller items with racks that are configured to deal with businesses who have compact storage requirements.

Download the latest technical specifications

Download the latest full specifications for our Q Series Robots. If you’d like any further information please click here to visit our contact us page and get in touch.

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