The Q7 Robot

A robust warehouse AMR enabling fast fulfilment for heavier items.

If your business is focused around heavier items, the Q7 is your ideal solution. When fully loaded, the Q7 operates at consistent speeds unreachable by manual workers. Excellent in Goods-to-Person roles, ideal for materials movement, and perfect as part of production lines, the Q7 is an exemplary performer in all areas of warehouse automation.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 1137 mm x 819 mm x 325 mm
Weight 318 kg
Maximum lifting height 60 mm
Rated load 1000 kg
Rated operating speed (Empty) 1500 mm/s
Rated operating speed (Rated load) 1200 mm/s
Rated acceleration (Empty) 400 mm/s²
Rated acceleration(Rated load) 300 mm/s²
Navigation ±10 mm
Positioning angle accuracy ±1°
Positioning accuracy ±10 mm
Laser obstacle avoidance Front
Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance Two Sides
Infrared obstacle avoidance Rear
Bumper strip Front/Rear
E-Stop Front/Rear
Sound alert Provided
Why choose the Q7 Robot?

Making light work of larger loads

Creating a streamlined operation to fulfil orders quickly, ideal for 3PL and any other number of warehouse and manufacturing situations.

Swift, smooth, accurate

The Q7 Uses dual-wheel differential drive to smoothly move your goods, with loads of up to 1000kg, at exceptional speed, alongside sophisticated inertia and visual sensors for extreme positioning accuracy.

360° employee safety

The Q7 works safely alongside manual workers using laser, ultrasonic, and infrared obstacle avoidance.

Fully flexible

AMR independence means no conveyors, tracks, rails, or other fixed infrastructure and the Q7 is able to support a diverse range of payloads.

Smart, fast charging

The Q7 uses burst charge sessions and power monitoring to minimise extended recharge cycles.

Solving your materials handling and fulfilment challenges

Increase in pick rates
Increase in warehouse throughput
Reduction in labour costs
Months to achieve ROI
We used to have six pickers and two packers. The difference is, where we were picking 30-35 lines an hour, now we can pick up to 60-100 lines an hour, with just one picker.
Chris Rowley, Head of Despatch, A Perry

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