Streamlined Robot Control Systems

Introducing our Robot Control System and Automation Hub – for optimum control.

Our robotic solutions integrate directly with your existing ERP system or WMS software. Our Robot Control System gives you precision control over your robots, combined with our Automation Hub which delivers an intelligent API for easy access to data and robotic activity as well as integration with existing software and equipment.

Seamless integration with your WMS/ERP

Introducing the Robot Control System

The Robot Control System (RCS) integrates seamlessly with your WMS/ERP. This enables our robots to work faster and smarter for your business and your customers.

Sales orders can trigger robots to collect specific racks. Manufacturing requests can automatically mobilise the production line. Robots jump into action as soon as an instruction is received.

The benefits

Accelerated goods in & despatch

Your WMS/ERP can be integrated with our Robot Control System, improving your processes and streamlining your entire operation.

Enhanced warehouse productivity

Connecting our robotic solution to your WMS/ERP allows the system’s built in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimise every process, using the latest data, in real time.

Identify stock trends and needs

Optimise your stock trends, and allow the system to track your stock for increased efficiency.

Introducing the Automation Hub

Combining 30 years of warehouse experience with robotic logic and integration touch points, The Automation Hub is the central brain of your Wise Robotics Solution, providing enhanced integration options with your existing infrastructure. The Automation Hub is flexible, being able to work across multiple industries and works seamless with our workstation software to give your warehouse operatives the best user experience.

The benefits

Customisable API end point

Giving you easy access to your operational data and robotic activity.

Enhanced integration

With existing equipment such as lifts, doors, shutters and PLC controllers as well as onsite safety systems such as alarms, fire alarms and safety barriers. With The Automation Hub you get a fully controllable software integration to ensure a smooth robotic implementation.

Customisable view points

Enabling you to view different scenarios, such as materials movement, allowing for manual and programmable control over your robots.

Get in touch

Talk to one of our experts about how you can future-proof your business with a tailored Wise Robotics solution.

Message one of our Wise Robotics experts or give us a call on 01522 706070

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