Flexible Robotic Solutions

Flexible, scalable warehouse automation to meet the demands of your customers now, and in the future.

  • Rapid ROI Achieve ROI in as little as 12 - 36 months from your implementation
  • Reduce costs Remove the installation of expensive fixed infrastructure
  • Maximise productivity On average our customers see a 3x increase in warehouse throughput
collaborative robot racking | Wise Robotics


Wise Robotics goods-to-person solutions deliver fast, efficient and accurate order fulfilment. Increase your picking efficiency by over 200% with our leading multi-industry, warehouse robotic solution.

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Materials Handling

Wise Robotics materials handling solutions deliver fully automated movement of goods between locations, as well as fast and efficient organisation of goods.

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Production Line

This innovative solution from Wise Robotics enables robots to carry whole production stations to workers so they can complete their assembly task. With no permanent infrastructure, deployment times are shortened, costs are significantly reduced and you can add to and flex your solution to meet changes in demand.

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