Automated materials handling

Introducing our flexible automated materials handling solution, designed to dramatically increase speed and efficiency; helping you handle the next generation of challenges in materials handling across your operations.

Automated material handling solutions

Efficient, flexible, scalable robotics

Today’s businesses are facing significant operational challenges driven by growth, changing customer behaviour and the need to deliver speed and scalability.
Wise Robotics automated material handling solutions deliver fully automated movement of goods between locations, as well as fast and efficient organisation of goods. Increase your throughput by up to 300%, helping you meet customer demand as well as saving time and costs.

Why invest in automated material handling solutions?

The benefits

Optimised operations

See up to a 3x times increase in throughput using our materials handling robotic solutions.

Rapid ROI

With a lower initial investment in comparison to fixed automation technology, combined with rapid deployment, you can expect to achieve ROI in as little as 12 – 36 months from your implementation.

Reduce costs

Grow your throughput and deal with seasonal pressures without needing to increase your staff during peak periods, as well as reducing other growing overheads such as energy costs.

Quick deployment and greater flexibility

With no permanent infrastructure, our warehouse robots are part of a flexible solution that can be deployed in less than 3 months as well as being able to add to and expand as you need in the future.

360° employee safety

Our robots work safely and effectively with your employees – using laser, ultrasonic and infrared obstacle avoidance.

Fully integrated

For optimum control and co-ordination, our robotic solutions integrate directly with your ERP/WMS software.

Industry experience

Thanks to Wise Robotics’ three decades of industry expertise and warehouse sector experience, you get access to both automation experts and industry experts.

UK-based support

We have a team of over 200 UK-based support technicians to provide our customers with peace of mind when investing in a robotics solution.

Why Wise Robotics?

Seize the advantages of our industry expertise, technical experience, and the most advanced technology available. All provided through our tailored partnerships, specialist support network, and upheld with continuous investment.

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Solving your fulfilment challenges
Increase in pick rates
Increase in warehouse throughput
Reduction in labour costs
Months to achieve ROI

The application of robots in material handling

Robotic warehouse automation is proven to bring significant benefits to materials handling processes. By reducing or removing entirely the need for manual intervention, robots can be utilised to revolutionise the movement of goods throughout warehouses and other facilities across manufacturing and logistics. As a result, your business creates unrivalled efficiencies and cost-savings while improving the safety and accuracy of your operation.

Find out more about our materials handling solutions

Talk to one of our experts about how you can future-proof your business with a tailored materials handling Wise Robotics solution.

Message one of our Wise Robotics experts or give us a call on 01522 706070

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Our materials handling wobots


Making light work of heavier loads, the Q7 injects pace and power into Goods-to-Person, materials handling or production line solutions. Whether you are in 3PL, eCommerce, or manufacturing sectors, if your business is focused around heavier items, the Q7 is your ideal solution.

View Q7 Robot



A powerful and precise robot delivering fast and accurate automated forklift operations. The F4 handles all manner of large and irregular loads with both extreme accuracy and high speed, working in synergy with goods to person, materials handling and production line operations.

View F4 Forklift


Flexible warehouse racks

Our racks are able to work with both EU and UK pallets for hassle free distribution internationally.

If your business primarily works with large, heavy or bulky items they can be easily stored on our racks which provide you with secure, strong shelving.

Our racks can be easily configured for businesses who need to transport clothing without risk of damage.

Easily locate smaller items with racks that are configured to deal with businesses who have compact storage requirements.

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