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Accelerate productivity with warehouse automation

At its core, Wise Robotics’ flexible warehouse automation accelerates productivity for less effort, at a more consistent rate. Safety is increased, costs are lowered, and a return on investment can be guaranteed in as little as 12 months.


What is warehouse automation?

Warehouse automation eliminates time-consuming manual processes and frees people to concentrate on service, growth and innovation.  This level of automation is a central tool used to optimise supply chains and distribution centres everywhere. But with the continuous and rapid evolution the technology, there’s a lot still businesses are yet to discover.



robots in an automated warehouse

Flexible and scalable warehouse automation solutions

Whatever the environment of your warehouse, Wise Robotics delivers a range of warehouse automation technologies tailored to your requirements.

Warehouse automation solves your fulfilment challenges

Increase in pick rates
Increase in warehouse throughput
Reduction in labour costs
Months to achieve ROI

How does warehouse automation increase efficiency?

Rapidly increase your pick rate

Every warehouse order triggers a pick path. For larger facilities, these paths are increasingly difficult to optimise – especially when you add in complex options such as kitting and order assembly. With robotic automation, the shortest paths will be taken without the need for any manual labour.

Eliminate deadtime for pickers

For an average picking operation, between 50-70% of the picker’s time is spent walking to and from storage bins. A flexible warehouse solution can automate 100% of this process. For your pickers, that also means less time wasted on mundane and repetitive tasks.

Cut down your operational costs

Remove the installation of expensive fixed infrastructure, as well as the costs of temporary labour to meet busy seasons. The increased precision provided from warehouse automation also means fewer errors, higher throughput, and faster fulfilment – combine the three and you’re left with a much more profitable business.

Warehouse automation combats the labour shortage

We are currently witnessing the worst labor shortage in 25-years, with the key element of the supply chain; the warehouse struggling to keep up with demand. The cost of human-error in warehousing and logistics is increasing, the demand for fast shipping; ever growing. Warehouse automation is the leading solution for a growing problem.

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Need to know more about warehouse automation?

Here you can find more answers to your automated warehouse topics.

What are the different types of warehouse automation?

There are too many types of warehouse automation to define briefly. Each type has its own unique features that vary in size, shape, and capability. But at its most basic level, warehouse automation can be categorised into ‘digital’ and ‘physical’ warehouse automation. You can find a full list of different types of warehouse automation here.

How will modern warehouse automation impact your operation?

The two questions on the minds of most businesses are whether people are still needed with warehouse automation, and how it affects the layout of a warehouse. Wise Robotics can make our robotic solutions fit for any shape or size of warehouse. Better yet, our robots don’t require the same kinds of dedicated walkway spaces. For your warehouse, that means a safer environment, with a maximised use of space. As for your workforce, warehouse automation will provide employees the ability to focus their attention on areas that matter the most.  Moreover, employees can broaden their skillset whilst working more efficiently than ever.

How much does it cost to automate a warehouse?

Output, stock type, storage and business goals will all be key factors influencing the kind of warehouse automation your business requires, but on average, warehouses investing in automation spend around £260,000. However, it’s critical to note the median anticipated spend, which may be more representative, is around £51,000.

How much time will the Wise Robotics automation solution save?

This varies from solution to solution, but there are some statistics that help put it in context. In an average picking operation, between 50-70% of the picker’s time is spent walking between bins. A flexible robotics solution can 100% automate this aspect of the process.

What kind of improvements can I expect?

Depending on your solution, this will vary. The most common metric we measure in these instances is pick throughput rate, which often sees increases of between 200%-300%. If you want to know projections of another specific metric, you should speak to one of our consultation teams.

Will I need a new warehouse for a Wise Robotics solution to work?

No. Wise Robotics prides itself on the ability of our solutions to fit and adapt to a wide variety of warehouse types and situations. By consulting with one of our expert team, your business can have a specifically tailored solution designed and deployed within a matter of weeks.

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